Versailles Block

Welcome to Week 6 of the Summer Sampler 2018 quilt along!

This week our magic carpet transports us from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Australia to the Château de Versailles in France, about 14 miles southwest of the center of Paris.

Lately I’ve been inspired by squares and rectangles. I’m drawn to their simple, stable, bold, and rugged appearance. Sewing with them is a joy due to the ease with which the pieces fit together.

I also have a weakness for black and white. Is it any surprise that when I saw a photo of the entrance courtyard of the Chateau de Versailles, it would grab my attention immediately?

The photo by Dennis Dolkens shows off the striking black and white marble pattern on a sunny day. [Used with permission.]

A little fact about me is that I studied French for most of my childhood years and visited the Château de Versailles on a trip with my 8th grade French class! I checked with my mom and friends who were on that trip and asked if they had any pictures of me at Versailles, but alas, no one could find any. But my lifelong bestie, Martha, recently unearthed this picture of us with Notre-Dame de Paris in the background. Martha looks cute, but what was I thinking with that sweater and rainbow beret? LOL

Now that I’ve surely made you smile, it’s time for a Versailles block construction tip: follow the pressing directions in the pattern. The rule of thumb is, press toward the colored fabric, away from the background fabric, whether that’s “in” or “out”, and your seams will nest. There are three intersections in this block.

This was my first block, made in a spectrum of purples. The inside-outside qualities of the squares and how they fit with the rectangles to form a new, larger square inspires me. All the strips in the block are the same width, which is fun!

Influenced by the two-color courtyard, I made two more blocks, in two colors each, one neutral (grey) and one bold (yellow):

If you, too, are a fan of squares and rectangles and have taken pleasure in making this block, you might fancy my next pattern coming out in late July, called “Cabin”. 

To view more progress shots, you can find me on Instagram @quiltaposy. To see what my pattern testers are doing with the pattern, feel free to peruse the #cabinquilt hashtag. I also have a few patterns listed in my shop which you are welcome to check out.

And if you haven’t yet joined, it’s never too late to join the Summer Sampler 2018, which you can do here.

Versailles pictured with Water Well by Katie of Swim Bike Quilt

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey to France with me!

2 thoughts on “Versailles Block

  1. Totally enjoyed the ‘trip!’ 😉

    1. If only our magic carpet could hover over the gardens, circle the queen’s hamlet, travel through the royal apartments, and navigate the hall of mirrors! Wouldn’t that be something. 😉 Glad to hear it, Debbie!

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