Bending Petal Quilt

I started this piece in a class on making inset seams and complex curves taught by Stephanie Ruyle. The thin orange branches which go out from the stem are 1/16″ thick inset seams. The orange stem, the lighter blue background, and the yellow petal were all pieced using Stephanie’s method for curves. It was a fun challenge trying to mimic the thinness of the inset seams in the stem using the curve technique. For the echo quilting, I took a few passes of contrasting orange thread to create a glowing effect and left the petal unquilted and puffy from the wool batting. Bending Petal showed in the Small Quilts category at QuiltCon 2018!

Made and quilted by Karen Lee
22” x 16”
April 2017 – July 2017

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